Maxx New York Handbags and Purses

“Fun, fashionable and cool…” these words concisely described Maxx New York Handbags and Maxx New York Purses.

After 20 years in the field of accessories, Maxx handiwork has received the distinction of being impeccably designed with define style, functional, comfortable and trendy. To create gorgeous handbags, which their clientele will cherish always keepings in mind style, form and function, is the simple philosophy of Maxx.

Luxurious leather, tediously-selected fabrics and trend setting hardware places Maxx handbags and purses apart from the rest. The greatest care is given in the creation of each bag. The design team travels around the globe to gather the latest from the world’s fashion capital, as well as, out of the way places. Designers used leather from Italy which they passionately fashioned into magnificent bags and purses.

Maxx considers important personal matters – the convenience of everyday by including cell phone pockets, iPod holders, and places for keys, ball pens and others. These are intended to give easy access to get things as they are needed. They take into consideration the suggestions given by each client.

Maxx handbags have been the favorite accessories of celebrities as Mira Sorvino, Britney Spears, and Emme, to name a few. They have also graced Fashion Magazines as In Style, Lock, Marie Claire, Glamour Shop, Oprah, Self, Cosmopolitan, WWD and some others.

Among the favorite of Maxx handbags and Maxx purses are these models:

*Maxx New York DPC 756 Small Barrel. This is the sleekest way to carry your necessities either to work or for a fun night.

* Maxx New York Reversed Sequin Round Bag with Chain Strap. Retro-inspired bag covered with sequins that reverses colors with a touch of a hand.

* Maxx New York Dome-Shape Shopper. This bag has inside zip up pockets for cell phone and iPod.

* Maxx New York “Babbo” Leather Tote Bag. Every woman needs a bag with lots of room.

* Maxx New York “Monte Carlo” Shopper. With magnetic closure, it carries all the things that you need for the day.

* Roxx by Maxx New York Pleated Satchel. This customized bag is good as corporate gift for this coming Holiday.

You can purchase the best Maxx New York Handbags and Maxx New York Purses online.

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