Emo Girl Haircuts

Having shorst, medium or long hair can’t stop you from getting an emo hairstyle. There are just a few main things to fallow, like layers, dark shades and extra straight hairstyles. Here are a few tips to help you out in creating emo haircut that matches your hairstyle and your personality.

Short Emo Hairstyles

Short emo hairstyles are quite rare, especially between girls. Even boys get a longer haircut for this style. The choppy layers are the main must have in this hairstyle and the extra straight texture. Keeping it dark shaded makes the hairstyle even more edgy. Bangs can be left straight in this case, to create a more dramatic look. Colors can be used in strands, in any shade or color, just make it bright. But stick to the two tone hair colors so that you won’t get confused between emo and scene hairstyles.

Medium Emo Hairsyles

Medium emo hairstyles are very common, mostly featuring side swept bangs. With their asymmetrical, choppy layered haircuts, they may be styled in a messy unique look. It will need strong styling products to get the wright structure, but the result is more than eye catching. It is a great way to attract attention and stand out of the crowd. It is still dark colored in most of the cases and shaped in a bouffant style with a super straight texture.

Brookelle Bones Shoulder-length Layered Haircut

Medium Shag Brookelle Bones Shoulder-length Layered Haircut

Long Emo Hairstyles

Long emo hairstyles are created in strong layered haircuts with extensions if needed. Dark shaded and in extreme cases spiced up with some colored strands, the long emo hairstyle is a really hight maintenance style to have. It needs touch-ups even if fixed with the strongest hair styling products. A good thing is, that the colored strands can be even more defined and get an even more outstanding effect. The hair is thinned out for a manageable style and the bangs are side swept.

black-emo-hairstyle-3 Girls Emo Scene Hairstyles

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